Could PageRank Save the Planet?

I hope that my recent posts do not suggest that I am on Google’s payroll, but there are some interesting things happening at “the Goog” recently that I would like to highlight.

One issue is a bit political, but very important in my mind, that being energy conservation. As I have always thought, and Google agrees, that much of what is holding back the U.S. energy wise is due to political influences rather than logical ones. Google suggests that energy independence is simply a math problem we can solve.

It makes a lot of sense. If you look back at what search engines used to be like in the late 90’s, Google used the same math problem solving ability to come up with PageRank. Page rank being the math solution to solving the growing keyword spam plaguing the internet. We can only hope that the same approach can help us solve all kinds of issues for the benefit of humanity and the planet.