SEO Quiz for Beginners

Beginner SEO Quiz

Are you smarter than a Penguin?

To help prepare for a class, we’ve prepared a short 10 question online SEO quiz for beginners. Please click here to take the quiz. Prove you’re “smarter than a penguin” by getting all these answers correct!

Take the online SEO quiz here!

2023 Quiz Results & Scoring

This test covers basic technical, content, and promotional aspects of search engine optimization. After completing the quiz, you will be scored on a scale of 0-10. To beat the penguin, you will need a score of 8 or better on this quiz. Good luck!

  • 0-4 “You Silly Penguin!”
  • 5-7 “Getting better, keep waddling!”
  • 8-9 “Rockin’ Rockhopper”
  • 10 “Dear Sir or Madam, you are Emperor Penguin.”

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