Looking for professional SEO services in the Cleveland area? Does your company appear in the first two pages of Google’s organic search results for your brand or products? If your website is not in the first 10-20 listings on search engine results for even the most basic keywords associated with your brand, products, or services your company is missing out on a great opportunity to gain exposure to a growing number of potential customers.

Searches Are Still Growing

Customers frequently start their product or company research on Google. They typically begin searching Google very early in the buyer journey and all the way through to the final sale. It is still very important to have enough exposure and awareness in search engines in order to reach your target customers.

There were roughly 9 billion searches each day performed on Google in 2022

How they search has changed but search engines continue to deliver valuable results. Is your company well positioned to take advantage of the growth in mobile devices and e-commerce?

Does SEO Still Matter?

The short answer is yes! Search engine optimization is still a very effective and high return way to grow your business on the web. Designing a great website is the first step in online marketing, the next step is to develop a strategy to improve your visibility in search engines. A primary goal of search engine optimization is to help align your brand message with potential keywords used by internet searchers to find your products.

“Don’t set it and forget it. Your customers can’t find you or your products unless someone is actively promoting your business through digital marketing” – Click to Tweet

Your customers can’t find you or your products unless someone is actively promoting your business through digital marketing. SEO, like any other marketing activity, is an ongoing activity designed to improve content, improve your website customer experience, and build a path to more digital sales. If your customers can’t find you, it’s likely they will find a competitor with better a digital marketing strategy and positive user experience.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Great marketing starts with a good game plan. We can help you build a winning strategy to improve your search engine marketing footprint and help grow sales. We provide search strategy consulting, SEO audits, copy writing, keyword recommendations, and social media marketing services.

Why Hire Interactive Cleveland?

Hire us because of our depth of experience in search marketing and our proven results in search engine marketing, Google Ads, and social media. What separates our company is the focus on important business goals and our consulting approach. We don’t run cookie cutter search programs or recommend outdated tactics. We work with your business to design a customized marketing program to deliver improvements to return on advertising cost, customer quality, and gains in brand awareness. We’re a Cleveland based firm with big agency experience.

  • 15+ years of agency and enterprise marketing experience
  • Industry Focus: E-commerce, B2B, Healthcare, Insurance & Financial Services
  • Constantly growing and refining your program to adapt to the changes in technology
  • Supported Platforms: Linkedin, Bing Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics (GA4), Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio & More

Next Steps

To better understand your business needs and goals, we provide a free consultation. From the initial consultation, we may recommend one or more of the following:

  • Full SEO audit
  • Road map and strategy
  • Google Ads campaign restructure and strategy
  • Linkedin advertising campaign
  • Meta advertising campaign
  • Twitter advertising campaign

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