Looking for a local consulting firm to help you build your brand in social media? We’re a Cleveland, Ohio based group of search marketing and social media experts here to help. Engaging your customers in social media is key to promoting your brand and growing a loyal following of brand advocates. Companies large and small all have a story to tell. Ask yourself some of the questions below.

  • What type of company are you?
  • What makes you different than other businesses with similar products or services?
  • How well are you positioned as an industry expert?
  • What can you offer customers beyond products and services?
  • Are you using Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to self promote or build a dialog with customers?

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Why is a Social Media Marketing Strategy Important?

Growing a large following in social media is no easy task. It takes months of hard work and dedication to reach a large number of potential customers. Simply following 1,000s of people on Twitter will not do. You must have a well thought out strategy in place before you engage your current and potential customers. Unless you have a group of truly engaged social followers, any promotion attempt will fall flat. Offer your customers value and you will get brand advocacy in return.

Social Media Resources

Below are a collection of resources you might find helpful as you being building a strategy.

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