SEO Consulting

Not appearing on the first page in Google or Bing for anything other than your company name? Did your website recently see a major drop in SEO performance? We can help you build a winning search engine optimization strategy for your current website or provide guidance during a redesign. We work with Cleveland area and national companies to promote their websites through ethical search marketing tactics. The goal of search engine optimization is to increase your brand visibility over time and improve your overall customer experience. Ranking well for a handful of vanity keywords typically isn’t enough to build a profitable company. We’ll show you opportunities to grow in your market share and how to best optimize your website and brand to reach those customers.

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Find out where you stand on popular search engines

We follow Google’s quality guidelines as well as Bing content quality guidelines. Following these guidelines will ensure that your SEO strategy follows industry best practices. As part of your overall strategy we provide content promotion and technical recommendations. A great first step to search engine optimization is our free consultation. Contact us today to see where you stand.

SEO Services

Google Ads PPC Management

What happens when you blend an organic search strategy with a well tested paid search advertising campaign? Great things start to happen.

“Companies generally see 10-25% more clicks on their organic search engine listings when paired with a Google Ads campaign.”

Gain 100s of 1,000s of valuable impressions for your brand name, 1,000s of clicks on your products and services when visitors are ready to buy. Learn more about our Google Ads and Bing Ads PPC management services. Not sure how much to budget for Google Ads? Read our guide.

PPC Management

Social Media Advertising

Social media is potential high performance marketing channel for several types of businesses. Not every business needs to be active on social media but many do to help grow their brand. If you own or help manage a retail e-commerce focused website, connecting with your customers via social media is essential. Are you looking to gain additional exposure in social media advertising? Curious how well your brand is positioned on social channels for success? Get a free consultation today to find out where you stand.

The average time that users spend on Facebook is nearing an hour. ~ New York Times

Content Marketing

Typically part of a comprehensive SEO and inbound marketing strategy, we also provide content marketing and content optimization services. We have a team of writers who can help you create engaging copy and graphics with the goal of getting more exposure for your brand. Services include; audits, strategy, and consulting. Not getting noticed in social media or search engines? A new content strategy may be what you need.

Content Marketing