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Avoid the dreaded “pit of despair” during a website relaunch. Get a pre-launch SEO audit and keyword strategy.


After growing roughly 20% each year from 2013-2015, an e-commerce client was beginning to see their growth plateau in 2016. Their SEO performance hit a plateau due to an outdated website that was several years old and an outdated keyword strategy. Their current keyword strategy targeted very broad and very competitive keywords.


Client was convinced it was time to upgrade their ecommerce website in 2017. To support the redesign, Interactive Cleveland conducted a full SEO audit and built a redirect strategy. Interactive Cleveland also recommended building a new keyword strategy that targeted less broad and more relevant keywords.

  • Full SEO audit
  • Redirect strategy
  • New keyword research
  • New page copy and page-by-page SEO recommendations


In just three months, the client noticed a big jump in Google organic search visits. While the total SEO keywords remained relatively the same, the growth in the new keywords began to take hold. From July 2017 to October 2017, the client noticed a 60% increase organic visitors. While many websites see the dreaded SEO traffic “pit of despair” following a website relaunch, the client’s website gained visitors almost immediately after the redesign.

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