6 Local Search Tips

Updated: 2014

While reading some recent research around local search, I found some really interesting views on why companies should have a local search strategy and what factors contribute to ranking well in those results. Based on some recent research, it appears almost 20% of searches performed on Google are location based. GetListed claims it is closer to 40% (from GetListed.org), which I feel seems a bit high. The chart below shows just how much space can now be considered “Local”.


Then I began to think, since local search results also appear on the first page of Google universal search results, what other way can you gain 20% additional free exposure on Google’s first page? Organic SEO typically takes months to see dramatic improvements to reach the first page. Paid search is of course paid.

Companies with store and office locations should definitely take full advantage of this local marketing opportunity. For starters, one easy way to see if you have local listings is to check the online service “GetListed.org”. This tool will tell you if your company name is listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other local listing services. Try a few variations of your company name just to be sure the tool picks up the right listings.

Tips for a Better Local Search Listing

Below are a few tips for getting the most out of your listings:

  1. Company Title – Make your company title simple, perhaps include the city name (ex: Jim’s Roofing – Cleveland)
  2. Company Description – Include a few important keywords for your business but do not stuff this listing with keywords
  3. Tagging – Tag your listing with a few important keywords but again, try not to spam the tags
  4. Images – Include images of your business, the more complete your profile the higher it will generally rank
  5. Reviews – Encourage happy customers to add positive reviews to your profile, these reviews will help promote your business and begin improving your rank
  6. Verify – Verify your business within these services, very important step in promoting your listings

For more information on the topic, check out the websites below.