Paid Strategy and Management

Need additional exposure for your products and services? Make paid search and paid engagement part of your advertising mix. Pay-per-click and pay-per-engagement advertising is a great way to reach 1,000s of additional new customers on search engines and in social media.

Capture More Real Estate in Google

Consider a search for “desk fans” below:


Notice the top 3 results on Google are all “sponsored” or paid listings. Notice there are also “sponsored” product image listings on the right side of Google’s results. This is very valuable real estate on search results, all going to paid advertising.

Engage Your Target Customers in Social

Social engagement is key to reaching your target audience. Gain exposure to 1,000s of potential customers in your industry. Social engagement advertising helps companies generate immediate brand awareness, improve their organic search performance and increase sales.

Social media is an ever-changing landscape. Make sure you have a strategy in place for now and in the future.


Get a Comprehensive Strategy

Sponsored media clicks are very valuable to companies looking to gain market share from their competitors. Make sure you have a digital strategy that covers all possible touchpoints.

  • Google and Bing Pay-per-click Strategy and Management
  • Google Shopping and Bing Shopping Strategy and Management
  • Facebook Paid Engagement Strategy and Management
  • Twitter Paid Engagement Strategy and Management
  • Google Remarketing Strategy and Management

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