Selling On Amazon: A Seller’s Perspective

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Selling on Amazon’s Marketplace has become wildly popular the last few years. It’s estimated that 43% of every dollar spent in U.S. will be spent on Amazon in 2017 and likely to continue growing in 2018. “43% of every dollar spent in U.S. will be spent on Amazon” – eMarketer We interviewed an Ohio business […]

Is WordPress Good for SEO?

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When folks first started building content managed websites in the early 2000s, there were very few free options or management software. Many of the website content management tools in those days involved a custom WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor requiring a company to purchase more software or find a programmer to […]

5 Tips For Better Mobile SEO

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With Google’s mobile-first index update quickly approaching and with over half of organic searches now performed on mobile devices, the need for a mobile-first SEO audit is here. Ok, so you have a mobile friendly website or e-commerce site. That’s great! Typically, this is where most companies stop. They assume that if the content can […]

Starting A SEO Consulting Business

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So you’re an experienced search engine marketer at an agency or working as an in-house SEO and PPC expert. Thinking of taking the plunge into independent consulting? Consulting on your own can be a lucrative venture and you will learn a ton of things about business that you never expected. Many new consultants start out […]

5 SEO Mistakes To Avoid

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Being a digital marketer can feel like a version of the “boy and the dyke” tale. The tale goes something like; a good samaritan boy comes along and notices a leak in the dyke wall, plugs the leak with his thumb to save the town until help can arrive. Other versions of the tale involve […]