Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels

Building a Marketing Plan When building a marketing plan, the conversation usually starts with, “So, what activity should we focus on?” The idea here is that an all or nothing approach should be taken. “Should we go all-in on SEO” or “should our focus be on social media”? Keeping a narrow focus is a common […]

3 Easy Ways to Track Competitors

“How is my company doing online?” That’s a pretty vague question unless you give it context. One of the best ways to know how your company is doing is to perform a competitive analysis. Keeping an eye on your competitors is an important part of digital marketing. Your company may be growing sales and leads […]

3 Important SEO Metrics

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Like we’ve said before, keyword rankings are so 2004. If you still didn’t get your fill of Back To The Future Day, you may want to Google what people were using to communicate (see Palm pictured) in 2004. It’s quite interesting! So if we’re not using the same phones and devices we did in 2004, […]

Free Fall Competitive Analysis

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It’s finally fall! The leaves are turning and the calendar year is coming to an end. Time to look back on 2015 to see what progress you’ve made and what needs done in 2016. The perfect time for a digital marketing competitive analysis. To celebrate fall, we’re giving away a Free Competitive Analysis in October. […]

Link Building Stinks! (but it shouldn’t)

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Since the dawn of SEO, search engine marketers have been building links both manually and naturally. Link building can have an impact on a website’s search engine rankings, although not as much as it did just a few years ago. Inbound links account for some of the several factors search engines like Google consider when trying […]