5 Common E-Commerce Problems

Optimizing an e-commerce website can be challenging. As a business owner or designer it’s hard to know what to do next that will have the greatest impact. Should I test a new landing page? Should I add more product description? Should I add blogs or redesign the home page? All of these are potential solutions […]

3 Easy Ways to Track Competitors

“How is my company doing online?” That’s a pretty vague question unless you give it context. One of the best ways to know how your company is doing is to perform a competitive analysis. Keeping an eye on your competitors is an important part of digital marketing. We’re often times so busy we end up […]

10 Ecommerce SEO Tips

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Whether you’re starting a new product line or have an established online store with 1000s of products, your website can benefit from search engine optimization best practices. From large brands to small businesses, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. There are, however, several things you can do to make your products more engaging to visitors and […]

5 Questions to Ask Your SEO Firm

2015 is almost over, and 2016 is on it’s way. Many companies are now preparing for the new year, setting budgets, looking at their marketing plan from last year and exploring opportunities for growth. The overall economic trends in 2015 have been positive. Companies have cut costs in the past few years and are now […]

Shopify Store Grader Review

Note: It looks like Shopify has discontinued the Store Grader tool, but they have added more tools to their website. Shopify released a new tool called Ecommerce Store Grader this week. The tool grades your e-commerce website (or any website for that matter) on four different marketing factors; SEO, Usability, Content & Social Marketing, and Technical. […]