Social Browsing with Aurora Concept

Mozilla labs features a group of browser concepts that explore a different user experience based on how people interact with web sites. These concepts bring the social experience to the web browser, rather than posting links on a social media site. The aurora concept blurs the separation between desktop and web, allowing people to interact […]

Marketing Mavens

Just put in my request to join the Marketing Mavens Linkedin group. Hubspot, the site which hosts the link above, also provides a great resource for web marketers. If you haven’t already joined Linkedin, I suggest you do. It’s a great way to meet people in your industry, get organized and keep in touch with […]

Social Media Overload??!

Social media sites have provided many benefits in the last few years, connecting millions of individuals and creating interactive online communities. Lately, the more sites I come across and join, the more I feel burnt out by all the hype for each new site. I feel as though I am losing the WOW factor with […]

SEO Friendly Web Design on Squidoo

Posted a new lens today on Squidoo, a user generated content site. The focus of this page is to spread the knowledge of web standards and its effect on search engine optimization – SEO. Clean code in your web design is a major factor in how the search engines view your web site from both […]

Social Network-Ning

Can’t find a social network that meets your needs? Ning may have the network for you. Rather than be a “one size fits all” social networking site, Ning allows people to create their own niche social networks. Ning is a hybrid of chat boards and MySpace with some nice additional features for video and […]