5 Ways to Transform Your Business in 2008

1. Use Skype – a internet based phone service (Voice Over IP), to make calls on the cheap. Skpye is also easy to use and has many options for your business.

2. Use Google Analytics – to help measure your web site activity, track email newsletter sign ups and increase shopping cart conversions. It’s fairly easy to set up and fun to use.

3. Make a Stand – take a position on something like the environment or chronic diseases showing the world and your customers that your company is about more than just profits.

4. Use IM and less Email internally – Checking email throughout the day can be a time consuming task. People tend to be shorter and to the point with IM (instant messaging), resolving business issues more quickly.

5. Collaborate on the Web – Take advantage of web collaboration tools such as Basecamp and Writeboard. Using web based collaboration tools allow you to access projects from any internet connection and keep things nicely organized. Nothing is worse than following long email chains or accidentally deleted attachments.