gOS Rocket – Good Desktop Design on the Cheap

NOTE: gOS Rocket Has Been Discontinued

One downside of using desktop Linux has always been the so-so user experience. gOS, a free linux operating system similar to Windows Vista and Mac OS X, aims to bring better design and a better user experience to the linux desktop. gOS also comes installed on cheap $200 PCs at Walmart. Since the gOS demands little from your PCs hardware, it can be installed on older machines with a slower processor and a few gigs of hard drive space.

gOS integrates Web 2.0 applications into the core of the desktop. This is done elegantly, with a “Mac OS X like” user interface design. With this latest effort by gOS, linux is getting closer and closer to becoming a mainstream desktop. I plan on using the new OS at home and look forward to more great things from the gOS team!