5 Common Sense SEO Tips

When most folks start learning about SEO they are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of information on best practices, tips, tricks and techniques out there on the web. They read everything they can get their hands on, from SEO copy writing to one way link building. Over time the picture becomes more clear and things start to make sense. What most SEO articles and resources fail to mention is that A LOT of SEO is common sense.

Below are 5 Common Sense Tips for SEO

  1. Why would you name your website “ABCcorp.com” if you sell widgets? Why not buy a domain name “ABCWidgets.com” that includes one of your most important keywords? Unless your company is a household name like Apple or Pepsi, branding is not that important to your domain name.
  2. You use file folders to keep track of important documents at work and home. A website is no different. Organize your website into a hierarchy of main folders (categories) and sub folders (categories) so people and search engines can more easily find your content.
  3. If you sell widgets, why not include the term widgets in your navigation? It will help users and search engines know what deeper categories and pages mean before clicking through to the next page.
  4. Does your customer want to be told how great you are and how cool your company is to work for? Maybe, if they have an hour or two to burn while stuck at the airport. Most customers want to hear what you can do to help solver their problems or make their day easier to manage. Create content that speaks to your customers needs.
  5. When talking to a friend or spouse about cool products you like, do you say “try this new ABCcorp XRB-11 II Widget – Azure”? You would say, “try this new Blue Widget I found online, here’s the link”. Use the language your customer use to describe your products and services.