Google Chrome’s Coolest New Features

After having almost a full 24 hours to review the new Google Chrome browser, I’ve come up with a handful of what I think are the coolest new features.

  • Find in Page Search – Allows you to find specific key phrases within the body of a web page.
  • Application Shortcuts – Adds shortcut icons to your desktop or start menu.
  • Bookmark Popup – Quick popup for adding bookmarks of your favorite sites.
  • Report a Bug – Allows you to report broken sites or “spam sites” to Google.
  • Incognito Browser Pages – Allow you to search the web freely without Google Chrome backing up your search history / activity for reference.
  • A Word on Toolbars – One feature I thought was great is the simplified tool bar that comes with Chrome.

Try the latest browsers out for yourself.

Download some of the latest internet browsers for your desktop, ipad tablet or iphone.

Google Chrome


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Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 10