Google Chrome Browser


Google is set to release its own browser tomorrow called Chrome to compete with Firefox 3 and Microsoft’s IE 8. I’m excited to see what Google has in store. After downloading and installing Microsoft’s IE 8, I was impressed by some of the features, but will stick to my favorite (Firefox).

Update in 2013

Google continues to add features to it’s popular Chrome browser. I personally use this browser now instead of Firefox as my everyday browser on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. I recommend downloading and testing out against what Microsoft and open source options are available. You may find Chrome to be your favorite.

Microsoft’s Mobile Transition

What I don’t understand about Microsoft’s strategy is how it continues to lock you into the Microsoft universe of Windows 8 OS. Google has provided ways to operate their browser now matter what device maker you have. In the end, the mobile space will likely be owned by Google and Apple, with Microsoft struggling to stay relevant in the tablet and smart phone market.