Social is SEO, Content is social

Much has changed in the SEO world during 2012. With every Google update there seems to be a major shift underway. The info graphic below from Brafton shows just how different SEO is today versus just a few years ago. Need a SEO Makeover? Is your SEO campaign in need of a makeover? Contact us […]

If You’re Not First, You’re… OK

You’ve heard it from Ricky Bobby and other sports figures, “if you’re not first, you’re last.” Who really wants to finish second in sports? There is no super bowl trophy for the runner-up. We’re driven to be the best and shoot for the stars! These are all great competitive attributes when it comes to sports, business and […]

A Newb’s Impression of Pubcon 2012

Pubcon Las Vegas is an annual summit of search and social media professionals, business leaders and internet marketing experts from all over the globe. This year’s conference was my first, making me a Pubcon newb. Going into the event I didn’t know what to expect but did my best to narrow down which sessions to […]

5 Social Media Link Building Tips

Social media is all the rage these days. Everyone from Katie Couric to Howard Stern is only a tweet away. Though celebrities have embraced Twitter, many people still do not completely understand how and why social is used for marketing. Most people associate Twitter with celebrities and news channels. For the most part, people who signed […]

5 Pinterest Tips for Ecommerce

The social bookmarking site Pinterest has become more and more popular and now ranks among the top social media sites in 2015. Many ecommerce site owners are left scratching their heads, “this is great but how do I use Pinterest for my online store?”. MDG Advertising put together an excellent video of why businesses should […]