Linkedin Advertising Tips: Sponsored Updates

In August 2013, Linkedin announced the arrival of a new advertising option called “sponsored updates“. Many current Linkedin advertisers were aware of Linkedin Ads, those small text with image ads that appear when someone searches on linkedin, views a profile, etc. To the delight of marketers, the option to pay for sponsored updates meant the […]

7 Dead Link Building Tactics

In 2008, link building was queen when it came to ranking well in search engines. Companies dumped most of their SEO budget into link building activities designed to increase link numbers, thus ranking higher in search engines over time. Link counts were closely measured, anchor text was optimized, page 1 rankings were achieved and there […]

5 Must Have Google Plus Tools for Marketers

Google Plus is becoming more important for marketers in 2013 and going into 2014 as it impacts search engine optimization and becomes a larger part of every Google account. Ever see a picture of someone next to an article in Google search results? Thats “Google Authorship” in action! (see below) As we head into 2014, […]

Shopify Store Grader Review

Note: It looks like Shopify has discontinued the Store Grader tool, but they have added more tools to their website. Shopify released a new tool called Ecommerce¬†Store Grader this week. The tool grades your e-commerce website (or any website for that matter) on four different marketing factors; SEO, Usability, Content & Social Marketing, and Technical. […]

10 SEO Tactics to Avoid

We live in a very different search marketing world. Just think about all the changes that have happened in the last few years. Google’s changes alone are enough to make your head spin. Google launches Penguin to fight web spam link building tactics and over optimization Google launches Panda updates #10 through #23 to their […]