Best Link Building Tools in 2011

2011 Best Link Building Tools

In 2010, a number of new web based link building tools entered the market. While most of these tools have innovative research and data features, there of course seems to be no one tool that can do everything. To help sort through each, I have put together a list of the best link building tools for 2011.

Finding Prospects

Ontolo – A Beta of Ontolo’s link prospecting tool came onto the scene mid 2010 and has become one of the leading tool sets for link builders looking to gain research efficiencies. In some recent testing I have seen an increase in link prospect quality with 30-50% gains in research efficiency. For SEO consultants and agencies looking to scale their linking activities, I recommend testing this tool on your own to see what it can do for your campaigns.

Managing Prospects

Raven – Having tested Raven’s link management tool in early 2010, I found it to be very helpful in managing link prospects. This tool also does a great job of collecting information on prospects and helping link builders manage contacts. Raven is also great for teams working on the same project and provides automation to some of the more common linking activities.

Gathering Link Data

Open Site Explorer – In early 2010, SEOmoz released Open Site Explorer for their members providing expanded link research data on up to 10,000 links per website. This tool provides link builders with a way of measuring web page authority (Page Authority) and site authority (Domain Authority) to help compare prospects.

Majestic – Majestic has been one of the leaders in SEO link research data for the past few years, providing historical link reports to help you measure your campaign success and compare your competitor’s link metrics. Majestic has a very robust data set that includes links, image links, citations and more.

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