5 Signs My Twitter Is Hacked

  It’s 10:30 on a Tuesday night and you’re watching The Office re-runs when you get an email from one of your friends with the dreaded line “Hey man, I think your Twitter was hacked. Stop sending me pictures of cats!” Your friend got a DM (or direct message) in their Twitter account from you […]

Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels

What are the top digital marketing channels for your company? That question can be difficult to answer. Which marketing activity is best for your business depends greatly on your budget, internal or external resources, existing technology, and growth phase of your business. For startups, you may need to lean more on paid advertising more so […]

The Conversion Funnel and Social Media

One of the topics that always seems to come up with clients when talking about social media is conversions. How do you convert more visitors from social advertising and organic social media. What clients may be missing is the big picture and the conversion funnel. Digital marketing channels don’t live in a vacuum and cannot […]

Linkedin Advertising Tips: Sponsored Updates

In August 2013, Linkedin announced the arrival of a new advertising option called “sponsored updates“. Many current Linkedin advertisers were aware of Linkedin Ads, those small text with image ads that appear when someone searches on linkedin, views a profile, etc. To the delight of marketers, the option to pay for sponsored updates meant the […]

7 Dead Link Building Tactics

In 2008, link building was queen when it came to ranking well in search engines. Companies dumped most of their SEO budget into link building activities designed to increase link numbers, thus ranking higher in search engines over time. Link counts were closely measured, anchor text was optimized, page 1 rankings were achieved and there […]