SEO Tips : LSI Explained, take 2

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I’ve decided to go a little deeper in the topic of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) by offering resources on the discussion as it applies to search engine optimization. I’ve complied a list of links to help you sort out fact from fiction. Enjoy! The SEO Blog: LSI ExplainedClickz on LSI SEO Book on LSI

SEO Tips : LSI Explained

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Recently, an article on SEO and LSI from MSNBC surfaced that I feel does a fairly good job of explaining all the factors that go into gaining search engine visibility on the web. This article makes a good case for why your business should rank on Google for terms related to your products or services. […]

SEO Tools and Paid Search ROI

I’ve complied a list of helpful web based seo tools to aid in measuring your paid search effectiveness and search engine ranking. Use these at your own risk. ROI Calculator (SEO Book) – Use this tool to help measure your spend. SEO Quake (Firefox) – Be careful not to overuse this one. Google tends to […]

4 SEO Tips for Graphic Designers

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Updated in 2014 One thing I’ve noticed lately is the number of beautifully designed web sites that lack basic search engine optimization best practices. These site are designed from photoshop, fireworks or any other host of quick “slice and dice and ftp” design tools. I too use these tools to create my initial design concepts, […]