So What is SEO Anyway?

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I’ve prepared a handful of slides to help explain what search engine optimization is and how it’s used to promote a website. Included are stats on search engine market share, a nice overview of search engines by Matt Cutts, and more. Let me know what you think so far. What is SEO and Search Engine […]

5 Benefits of a Digital Marketing Competitive Analysis

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When it comes to better keyword rankings and improved search engine performance, one of the most difficult concepts for folks to wrap their heads around is the competitive landscape. No business lives in a vacuum. If you just can’t seem to make it past position #6 in Google, the problem may not be your agency […]

Duck Duck Go

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Every time a new search engine is released and makes the news there is usually a lot of initial hype, followed many months later by a “ho hum” (remember Cuil?). Duck Duck Go is a new search engine, but doesn’t fall in the trap of trying to beat or become the next Google. Duck Duck […]

Google Chrome’s Coolest New Features

After having almost a full 24 hours to review the new Google Chrome browser, I’ve come up with a handful of what I think are the coolest new features. Find in Page Search – Allows you to find specific key phrases within the body of a web page. Application Shortcuts – Adds shortcut icons to […]

Powerset Semantic Search

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Powerset recently released a “natural language” search engine for Wikipedia. The goal of Powerset’s technology is to make search more intelligent. Over the next few weeks, I will be testing out this new technology just to see how accurate the results appear compared to other search technologies.