Flash RIA and SEO

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Adobe announced today that they will be working closely with Google and Yahoo to improve rich Internet application – RIA search indexing. What this means is that rich media content developers will be able to create more engaging experiences without losing search engine visibility. This is very good news for the RIA community. The only […]

Flash Unlikely on iPhone

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In a recent article from the AppleInsider, it appears that Apple is urging developers to stick to web standards for building interactive rich media solutions for the iPhone. Adobe, the makers of Flash, have provided a mobile version of Flash called “Flash Lite”, which isn’t supported on iPhones and the iPod touch as of this […]

jQuery Fun

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I really enjoy working with jQuery, a javascript library for creating interactivity on the web. jQuery can be used to create simple web animations that would typically take Flash and some Actionscript to produce. While JavaScript libraries such as jQuery are not a replacement for rich media authoring tools like Flash, it will be interesting […]