Is Guest Blogging Bad for SEO?

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Does guest blogging for the purpose of SEO really hurt your website and your search engine rankings? Matt Cutts at Google wrote a blog post on the pitfalls of guest blogging in future Google search engine updates. To me, what is really being discussed here are the guest blogging networks or the “blogger for hire” […]

Google Penguin Recovery Case Studies

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The year was 2012. For some grey hat and black hat SEOs it was business as usual, quietly building links from blogs no one reads or even buying links from link networks. Unknowing (or knowing) small businesses dominated the SERPs above household name brands, ranking on page one for many target keywords. Then Google made […]

5 Must Have Google Plus Tools for Marketers

Google Plus is becoming more important for marketers in 2013 and going into 2014 as it impacts search engine optimization and becomes a larger part of every Google account. Ever see a picture of someone next to an article in Google search results? Thats “Google Authorship” in action! (see below) As we head into 2014, […]

Duck Duck Go

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Every time a new search engine is released and makes the news there is usually a lot of initial hype, followed many months later by a “ho hum” (remember Cuil?). Duck Duck Go is a new search engine, but doesn’t fall in the trap of trying to beat or become the next Google. Duck Duck […]

What is Google PageRank?

Updated: Google no longer features PageRank in their toolbar and the importance on PageRank has been greatly diminished in recent years. Google PageRank Explained Online marketers have used Google Pagerank as a measuring stick to help determine the internet authority of a particular website and it’s ability to rank well in search engines. According to […]