Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels

What are the top digital marketing channels for your company? Is it email marketing, PPC, SEO, partnership programs? That question can be difficult to answer. Which marketing activity generates sales depends greatly on your budget, internal or external resources, existing technology, and growth phase of your business. Here is a list mentioned in a recent […]

Is Audience important to online marketing?

When planning online marketing efforts, do you consider who you are trying to reach with your search advertising, email marketing or keywords? I pulled some bullets from on target audience analysis and provided some of my thoughts. Who is your target audience? This can be someone loyal to your brand that could come to […]

Email Marketing and SEO

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The gang over at SEOmoz put a nice video together on using email marketing and SEO together to promote your web site. This video does a great job explaining how each plays a role in attracting visitors to your site and how to keep them coming back.

Could Google Wave change email?

For anyone who hates reading through a long list of email chains, Wave may be the solution. Google Wave combines real time chat features, video and Twitter like conversation streams. If chat, email, and Twitter had a love child, it might look something like Wave. It will be interesting to see how Wave will impact […]

Deathmatch: Twitter vs. Email Marketing

In the graphic above, I pulled searches for “twitter tools” and “email tools” in the United States. (email tools=red, twitter tools=blue) I could have just pulled a report of twitter and email marketing, but I think this gives us a more clear picture of how people are searching. When using a technology, people tend to […]