Starting A SEO Consulting Business

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So you’re an experienced search engine marketer at an agency or working as an in-house SEO and PPC expert. Thinking of taking the plunge into independent consulting? Consulting on your own can be a lucrative venture and you will learn a ton of things about business that you never expected. Many new consultants start out […]

Tech Beta Thoughts

While eating an apple today, I noticed a small bruise. I thought nothing of it and continued to eat the apple, leaving the small imperfection behind. Perhaps this is why so many new web companies have adopted the idea of releasing technology as “Beta” to the public, before all the bugs have been worked out. […]

5 Ways to Transform Your Business in 2008

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1. Use Skype – a internet based phone service (Voice Over IP), to make calls on the cheap. Skpye is also easy to use and has many options for your business. 2. Use Google Analytics – to help measure your web site activity, track email newsletter sign ups and increase shopping cart conversions. It’s fairly […]