10 SEO Tactics to Avoid

We live in a very different search marketing world. Just think about all the changes that have happened in the last few years. Google’s changes alone are enough to make your head spin. Google launches Penguin to fight web spam link building tactics and over optimization Google launches Panda updates #10 through #23 to their […]

Biking to work blog

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I have started a blog on biking to work with hopes of sharing my experience with others who might be interested in lowering their carbon footprint. I will be logging my journey through the east side suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

How to Promote your Blog with TwitThis and Twitter

TwitThis is a free utility for blog and web site promotion. TwitThis makes it easy for readers to share your blog post or article with their friends through Twitter, a social networking site. I find this tool very useful for anyone looking to take advantage of social media and word of mouth for the web. […]